Vietnam women’s team to attend the World Cup: Those who go later, go first

07 Feb 2022 | 04:18 | News

The Vietnamese women’s team won tickets to the World Cup 2023, making many people happy, but also sad for the golden girls of coach Mai Duc Chung.


The afternoon of February 6, 2022 became another memorable milestone in the history of Vietnamese football when coach Mai Duc Chung and his team won a ticket to attend the Women’s Football World Cup with a victory over Taiwan (China) . next year.

Although this victory was not too hard when the opponent lost many pillars because of Covid-19, it was not easy because in the past, the Vietnamese women’s team was always difficult when facing Taiwan (China).
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  The golden girls of Vietnamese football are back again

The feat of winning tickets to the biggest tournament on the planet of the Vietnamese women’s team is even more admirable when in the Asian Cup (regarded as the 2023 World Cup qualifier), coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students are in an extremely difficult group.

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But overcoming everything, with undeniable efforts, the Vietnamese women’s team once again wrote history for the country’s football after the feat of U20 and Futsal before to appear on the biggest stage on the planet.

… even if you’re behind

The victory of the Vietnamese women’s team made the fans ecstatic… but above all it was still respect, after what coach Mai Duc Chung ‘s teachers and students had to go through.

It should be recalled that, in order to win tickets to the 2023 World Cup, the Vietnamese women’s team had to play against the strongest opponents in the continent in the group stage with Japan (the defending champion), South Korea (the team that just lost in the final). or Myanmar – the opponent is also on par with teachers and coach Mai Duc Chung in regional tournaments.
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 Although always behind male colleagues

Then, when they entered the quarter-finals, the girls of Vietnamese football only stopped before China (the new king of the tournament) after taking the lead.

The play-off round for tickets is also not easy when the opponents are Thailand and Taiwan (China), but the Vietnamese women’s team still knows how to overcome these teams and win a ticket to the World Cup for the first time in a long time. history after coming so close in 2014.

Meeting strong opponents, the Vietnamese women’s team still faced many difficulties and thought it was impossible to compete after the Covid storm swept through during the pre-tournament training trip.
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 with a ticket to the World Cup 2023

Even just a few hours before going on the field to meet Korea, coach Mai Duc Chung had the minimum number of troops required for a match, instead of 23 names as registered with the tournament organizers.

Not only is it so difficult, even the encouragement of the golden girls of Vietnamese football is worse than that of their male colleagues as we have seen over the years.

Overcoming many difficulties, playing with great effort and even losing with an acceptable score against the top strong opponents in the continent, it was not until Mr. Chung’s teacher and student “girl” touched the ticket to World Cup with victory over Thailand, the new Vietnam women’s team has “hot” records from sponsors.

This is far different from the Vietnamese men’s team, because even though they also lost to strong opponents in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, the material athletes were constantly “exploding”, making many people feel sorry for him. Coach Mai Duc Chung.

But losing to male colleagues is still a “daily affair in the district” for the golden girls of Vietnamese football over the years, so there is no need to tell.

However, one thing is for sure, the Vietnamese women’s team is always behind but ahead of their male colleagues in terms of achievement stability, and the latest is realizing the dream of the World Cup for the country’s football to deserve thanks. Thanks again from the fans.

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