Those who spare Barca send a declaration of war to the pillar

28 Feb 2022 | 14:23 | Football

 The redundant people at Barca have confirmed their value in the recent Athletic Bilbao victory.

Video of Aubameyang and Dembele couple in Dortmund

Xavi Hernandez’s Barca continued the series of sublime matches. They have just defeated Athletic Bilbao with a score of 4-0, thereby closing to third place in La Liga. Most notably, Barca’s attack went through the 3rd match in a row scoring 4 goals. 

This series of matches witnessed the explosion of winter rookies like Aubameyang, Adama Traore or Ferran Torres. They are expected to become the main trio at the Nou Camp. But after the victory over Bilbao, the value of the extra came into play at the right time to issue a declaration of war against the pillars.
Those who spare Barca send a declaration of war to the pillar - Football

 Dembele exploded against Bilbao.

Ousmane Dembele entered the field in the 67th minute but promptly became the brightest star with 1 goal and 2 assists. Dembele’s goal from a narrow range has a low success rate, but the French player still hit Unai Simon’s net with an extremely tight left foot.


Drifting to the right wing, the winger born in 1997 stirred up the visitors’ defense with quick runs and proved unpredictable in the handling phase. Dembele pocketed 2 assists like putting his teammates in a position not to score. Most importantly, 2 assists came from 2 ways of handling the ball with the right and left foot. It is unpredictable and formidable in the way the former Dortmund star “hypnotizes” Bilbao.

The names that Dembele moved to the “tray” were the duo that seemed to have no place at Barca, Luuk de Jong and Memphis Depay. During a period when Aubameyang integrated very quickly and then got his 5th goal for Barca, De Jong became an extra person at the club. But his header against Bilbao was a valuable moment for De Jong to prove himself still useful in Xavi’s eyes. At least, when Barca need a mutation from the bench, this striker is ready to contribute to the field.
Those who spare Barca send a declaration of war to the pillar - Football

 De Jong scored after entering the field.

As for Depay, he has a good return date after the injury. The wing corridor at Barca is a cramped area because of the arrival of a series of rookies, so Depay is gradually forgotten at the club. The latest goal can help the former Lyon player regain his footing in the context that he is preparing to leave the Nou Camp. 

Those who have excess Barca have sent a declaration of war to the pillar. With a squad as competitive as this, more than anyone, Xavi is the most excited. Overcoming a series of disappointing matches and lack of a series of cards to build a play, Barca is coming back strong.