The referee of the Hai Phong – Nam Dinh match was criticized

03 Mar 2022 | 13:53 | Football

Head of the arbitration committee of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) Duong Van Hien said that the referee team for the Hai Phong – Nam Dinh match had completed the task but was not skillful.

“According to the match monitoring report, it is completely correct that the referee team coordinated and changed the decision, disallowing the goal. It’s just that their handling is a bit bad” , Mr. Duong Van Hien shared with Zing.

The situation of the referee team changing its decision from recognizing to not recognizing Trieu Viet Hung’s goal in the second half of the match between Hai Phong and Nam Dinh clubs on the evening of March 2 was the most remarkable point in the second round of V- League 2022.

In the 68th minute, Trieu Viet Hung kicked back after Rimario Gordon’s shot hit the goal. Assistant referee Tran Duy Khanh did not wave a flag to report an error, so referee Tran Dinh Thinh recognized the goal for the host Hai Phong.

Immediately after, Nam Dinh players and fans reacted because they thought the goal was invalid. The V-League does not have video assistant referee (VAR) technology, but the electronic board on the field has shown the situation. Referee Dinh Thinh reviewed the ball with his assistants, consulted more on the screen and made a decision to cancel Hai Phong’s goal.

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Hai Phong club was denied a goal but still won 3 points against Nam Dinh. Photo: Uses.

According to football rules, referee Thinh’s decision is valid because the referees have the right to change the decision if they realize an error when the ball has not been put back into play.

However, because V-League has not yet applied VAR, there is no specific law on this case, so the work of the arbitration team still leaves many controversies. The leader of the VFF Arbitration Committee did not mention that if the referees changed their decision after reviewing the video, there would be a mistake or not.

“Professional, this is normal, so is world football. The referee can completely correct the mistake by changing the decision after consulting. But we encourage the referees to cooperate with each other, not encourage them to review the video on the screen and then change the decision like that “, said the head of the VFF referee committee.

The leader of the VFF referee board admitted that referee Dinh Thinh was wrong in the decision to recognize the goal. However, the act of renegotiating and vetoing the goal is correct because the ball is not in play. He affirmed that the final decision of the referee team came after internal discussion, not from reviewing the goal.

Mr. Hien said: “Is it too heavy to call it breaking the whistle? It is necessary to sympathize with the errors of the referees. It is important that the assistants recognize that mistake to promptly exchange it with the referee, making the game fairer, not affected by factors outside of expertise, this is something that should be encouraged. “.

Mr. Hien affirmed that the Referee Board will definitely take measures to remind and learn from referee Tran Dinh Thinh to avoid repeating a similar incident at Lach Tray Stadium.