The referee caused a scandal in the Africa Cup: 2 errors like a joke, a question of semi-match

13 Jan 2022 | 12:55 | Football


Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe made an unbelievable mistake in the match between Tunisia and Mali in the group stage of the Cup of African Nations (CAN).

The confrontation between Tunisia and Mali in Group F of the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) on the evening of January 12 (Hanoi time) had controversial final minutes. The main referee is Mr. Janny Sikazwe who blew the final whistle twice when the official time was not over.

Mr. Sikazwe blew the whistle to end the match in the 85th minute

Mr. Sikazwe blew the whistle to end the match in the 85th minute

First, Mr. Sikazwe surprised the players when he blew the whistle to end the game in the 85th minute. After realizing his mistake, the black king of Zambia decided to let the players of both teams return to the field to play the rest of the time. missing.

When the clock showed only 89 minutes and 43 seconds, Mr. Sikazwe once again blew the final whistle. This time, the coaching staff of the Tunisian team could not keep calm. Tunisia coach Mondher Kebaier ran towards the referee, repeatedly pointing at his watch in protest. Finally, the security staff had to intervene, creating a barrier to help the referees leave the field safely.

Notably, in the short period from 85 to 89 minutes, Mr. Sikazwe still drew a red card to disqualify midfielder El Bilal Toure from the Mali team. VAR stepped in and asked the referee to review the slow motion, but Mr. Sikazwa refused and upheld the original decision.

The drama doesn’t stop there. The post-match press conference of Mali coach Mohamed Magassouba was interrupted midway when the referee wanted the players to play for 3 minutes of stoppage time. However, the Tunisian side refused and accepted to keep the score 0-1.


The coaching staff of the Tunisian national team is angry with the referee

The coaching staff of the Tunisian national team is angry with the referee

Coach Kebaier’s frustration was shown at the press conference of the Tunisian team. “I have been a coach for a long time and have never seen a situation like this,” he said. He blew the final whistle in the 85th minute, then the 89th minute, while there would have to be 7-8 minutes of injury time.

At that time, the 4th referee was already about to hold up the notice board, but he still blew. An unacceptable decision. The players were called out to play again after they had showered for 35 minutes.”

Meanwhile, writer Nqobile Ndlovu of CashNSports was harsh, saying that the mistakes of referee Sikazwe were unacceptable: “There must be an investigation. The referee seems to have signs of fixing the match.”

But there is also a view that referee Sikazwe forgot to stop the clock in the second half when the game was paused for 5 minutes to allow the players of both teams to rest. So, the first whistle sounded at 85 minutes. Anyway, the referee team controlling this match also made a serious mistake.

In this match, Mali had the only goal scored by Ibrahima Kone after a penalty kick in the 48th minute. Tunisia was also entitled to 11m in the 77th minute, but Wahbi Khazri missed the kick, leaving coach Kebaier’s army empty-handed in the opening match.