Stage 5 of Ho Chi Minh City TV Cup: An Giang acquires the title of yellow shirt

09 Apr 2022 | 11:21 | Football

Foreign driver Roman Maikin (Loc Troi Group) withdrew before the crowd at the finish line to win the race, finishing first with a record of 2h 10’37” – an average speed of 45.936 km/h.

On the morning of April 9, the team competed in stage 5 from Hai Phong city to Hai Duong – Hung Yen – Hanoi city with a length of 100 km. The continuous attacks took place after the start of the racers, thereby pushing the racing speed up very high. The An Giang team had a successful day of competition when bringing the group to the finish line together and capturing the yellow shirt title after this short race, foreign driver Roman Maikin (Loc Troi Group) withdrew first. group at the finish line to win the race, finishing first with a time of 2h 10’37” – average speed 45.936 km/h.

2 d

 The Ho Chi Minh City motorcycle team is on the front line to pave the way for the racing team to compete.

The Ho Chi Minh City team came up with a strategy of not trying to pull the top and sending strong riders to attack to escape, so the competing teams also had to bring the racers to follow. Yellow shirt racer Igor Frolov (HCMC Vinama) attacked to escape the crowd and dragged three riders Erdenebat Bilguunjargai (Kenda Dong Nai), Ali Khademi (Loc Troi Group) and Phan Thanh Tan Tai (620 Chau). Thoi-Vinh Long) to form the leading group. 

Two drivers Igor Frolov and Erdenebat Bilguunjargai took turns pulling the top and creating a gap of nearly 30″ compared to the eastern group behind. The effort of this leading group was unsuccessful when it only traveled more than 5 km, but was caught by the crowd by the Dong Thap team because there was no driver of the Domesco Dong Thap Pharmaceutical team to go in the top. 

The open competition strategy given by the Ho Chi Minh team made the racers who wanted to separate from the crowd had to exert their strength to escape, the racers Tran Thanh Dien, Nguyen Minh Viet (HCMC) attacked. To escape, the racers of the Dong Thap Domesco Pharmaceutical team and the Loc Troi Group always tried their best to follow. All attempts to separate the group of attacking riders could not be successful when the group tried to pull the group to catch it again, thereby creating a speed of more than 42 km / h. 

There were two riders Thai Ngoc Hai (620 Chau Thoi-Vinh Long) and Pham Le Xuan Loc (Quang Khu 7) escaped from the crowd when the racing team traveled more than 35 km and together went to the prize along the way (Sprint). ) in Hai Duong province. In the back, the crowd sped up to try to catch these two frontrunners to compete for bonus points. Driver Thai Ngoc Hai reached Sprint first to win 5 bonus points in the blue shirt, followed by Lam Gia Hao (Dopagan Dong Thap) and Pham Le Xuan Loc.
Figure 4 d

 Rank dispute at Sprint 2.

5 d

 The racing team crossed the overpass.

In the territory of Hung Yen province – the point of contention for Sprint 2 when the race team traveled 70 km, attacks were continuously taking place to escape, racer Phan Hoang Thai (Domesco Dong Thap Pharmaceutical) overcame two hands. race Quang Van Cuong (Loc Troi Group) and Nguyen Hoang Sang (GSB Dong Nai) right at Sprint 2 to win 5 bonus points and 3 bonus seconds. With a bonus of 2 seconds in second place, driver Quang Van Cuong overtook Igor Frolov in the yellow shirt award. 
1 d

 The leading group escaped after starting, including yellow jersey racer Igor Frolov.

3D image

 The crowd pulls to join the leading group.

10 km from the destination, the An Giang crew assembled a squad to build a tractor to bring the race to the finish line, thereby bringing the strong racers to the sprint, Roman Maikin, blue shirt Nguyen Tan Hoai (Loc Group). Heaven) to contest rankings by sprint. All efforts of young riders Phan Hoang Bao Tin, Nguyen The Khai (Military) and Tran Thanh Quick (HCMC New Group) to escape to the finish line first were unsuccessful when the An Giang crew pulled them back and captured them. The team races to the finish line to contest the sprint rankings.

The strategy of the An Giang crew was successful when racer Roman Maikin withdrew in front of the crowd at the destination to win the stage, thereby winning the yellow shirt award. The next ranking is Quang Van Cuong, Erdenebat Bilguunjargai, Huynh Thanh Tung (Military Zone 7) and Le Nguyet Minh (HCM New Group).  
6 d

 Foreign racer Roman Maikin (No. 21) withdrew before the crowd at the destination.

7 d

 The joy of victory after the destination of Roman Maikin and Quang Van Cuong when winning the first two places

With a convincing victory at the destination, racer Roman Maikin wore the yellow shirt after 5 races with a total time of 6h 08’56”10, second place Quang Van Cuong (more than 01”16), third place Igor Frolov ( more than 07”92). The next ranking is Loic Desriac (Domesco Dong Thap Pharmaceutical – more than 8’00), Huynh Thanh Tung (08’64”), Vo Thanh An (620 Chau Thoi-Vinh Long – 14’27), Nguyen Tuan Vu (Ho Chi Minh City) .HCM Vinama more – 14”95), Erdenebat Bilguunjargai (more than 15”27), Trinh Duc Tam (Loc Troi Group – more than 16”03), Konstantin Nekrasop (HCM City New Group – more than 16”17).

Driver Roman Maikin also took the lead in the blue shirt tournament with 35 points, followed by Quang Van Cuong (28 points) and Le Nguyet Minh (24 points). Racer Nguyen Van Binh (HCMC New Group) wears a white shirt for the outstanding young driver. Ho Chi Minh City Vinama team still leads the team tournament after 18:27:30”68, second place of Loc Troi Group (more than 4”81) and third place of HCMC New Group (more than 22”60).

On the morning of April 10, the team competed in stage 6 running 25 laps around Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi) with a length of 42.5 km. The race is short and revolving, so teams that do not have high rankings will try to attack to separate the top and compete for prizes in the 8th and 16th scoring rounds and stage rankings. The An Giang team will try their best to pull the team to catch the attacking racers and build a tractor to bring the group to the finish line to compete in sprints, thereby creating an advantage in the two current titles. holding is the yellow shirt and the blue shirt when possessing very strong sprinters.


Competition route:

April 11: Stage 7: Hanoi – Ha Nam – Ninh Binh – Thanh Hoa is 154 km long.

April 12: Stage 8: Thanh Hoa – Nghe An is 139 km long.

April 14: Stage 9: Nghe An – Ha Tinh – Phong Nha Ke Bang (Quang Binh) 207.5 km long.

April 15: Stage 10: Quang Binh – Quang Tri – Hue is 162 km long.

April 16: Stage 11: The Phu Xuan – Da Vien bridge race is 54 km long.

April 17: Stage 12: Hue – Da Nang is 113 km long.

April 18: Stage 13: Da Nang – Hoi An – Tam Ky (Quang Nam) 84 km long.

April 19: Stage 14: The Tam Ky city circuit is 50 km long.

April 21: Stage 15: Quang Nam – Quang Ngai is 90 km long.

April 22: Stage 16: Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) 179 km long.

April 23: Stage 17: Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa is 94 km long.

April 24: Stage 18: Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang city is 130 km long.

April 25: Stage 19: Timed Team Race in Nha Trang City, 32 km long.

April 27: Stage 20: Nha Trang City – Da Lat city is 136 km long.

April 28: Stage 21: The race on the banks of Xuan Huong Lake (Da Lat City) is 51 km long.

April 29: Stage 22: Da Lat City – Bao Loc City is 99 km long.

April 30: Stage 23: Bao Loc – Ho Chi Minh City is 155 km long.

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