Southgate defends Maguire, Roy Keane sends a message

30 Mar 2022 | 12:38 | Football

 Former player Roy Keane thinks that it is not necessary for Gareth Southgate to speak up for his student Harry Maguire.

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Harry Maguire received a negative reaction from England fans during the friendly match against Ivory Coast at Wembley last. Some fans booed when the organizers called his name when reading the list of main players.

The source of this incident is Maguire’s erratic form in the Manchester United ranks recently. When coach Gareth Southgate announced the list of summons for the national team, the presence of the former Hull City star was met with mixed public opinion.

Southgate defends Maguire, Roy Keane sends a message right away - Football

Coach Southgate defended Maguire against negative reactions.

In the match against Ivory Coast, Maguire played quite well and coach Southgate spoke to defend his students in front of the media: “I think those reactions are like a joke. You can see how Maguire plays on the pitch. I don’t understand why the fans are like that […] They are true England fans but some are influenced by social media or they look at the players ahead to shake the opinion. “

However, the personal of former player Roy Keane thinks that Southgate does not need to speak up. On ITV, Roy Keane analyzed: “I think Gareth’s move has made the story “tear bigger” . Just focus on the game, if Harry plays well, all the fans will look at the performance. that’s back in favor.

It is not because of Gareth that the boos will subside or the media will stop criticizing. Forget it.

Harry is old enough and as a man to focus on playing football. It’s important that he plays well.”