Ronaldo deepens generational conflicts at MU

15 Jan 2022 | 04:17 | Football

What Cristiano Ronaldo shared in the latest interview leaves many reflections on the difference in thinking over the times at MU in particular and world football in general.

“I remember when I was 18 years old, some older seniors gave me advice, and I consider it something that I need to improve. They are more understanding because they have been through many difficult moments. This generation of players in general doesn’t accept that if you criticize them. I have given suggestions to the children, but they do the opposite,” Ronaldo emphasized in the latest interview.

“If you don’t want my help and advice, take a good look at yourself and try your best to help the team. I’m not talking about the MU players but in general the younger generation is now. You You have to choose the right words to talk to them.”

Ronaldo's MU is not playing well at the moment. Photo: Reuters .

Ronaldo’s MU is not playing well at the moment. Photo: Reuters .

Who is Ronaldo targeting?

Despite the fence about not talking about MU players, it is not too difficult to find the names CR7 targets through this message. Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood are showing bad form and unacceptable playing attitude in recent times.

In the match against Aston Villa in the FA Cup on January 10, Rashford and Greenwood showed a relatively unacceptable attitude when playing selfishly. Greenwood had the ball down the right wing to face the MU goal, but did not choose to pass Rashford to ask for the ball in an empty position.

This image has not appeared in a long time. Photo: Reuters .

This image has not appeared in a long time. Photo: Reuters .

The English striker shot to the goalkeeper to save. Instead of rushing into the mud, Rashford stood still to express his disappointment with his team-mate. The opportunity to eat a delicious meal so passed.

This unacceptable attitude of both Rashford and Greenwood is not new at MU in recent times. In the last 11 matches, Rashford has not scored and only has one assist. Greenwood’s performance is not brighter when the striker has lost 7 consecutive matches in the Premier League.

Despite playing alongside Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani, veteran stars with outstanding skills and bravery, Rashford and Greenwood still make the typical mistakes of this kind of attitude.

Throughout his career, the image of Ronaldo getting angry when he is not allowed to pass the ball to score a goal has always been a characteristic of this striker. However, attitude is rarely the CR7’s problem. In every team Ronaldo has ever visited, the Portuguese superstar is admired for his fighting spirit and ability to support teammates.

Up to now, Ronaldo has assisted 232 times in 19 years of playing at the top. These are not selfish player stats. In other words, the times when showing attitude because teammates don’t pass the ball has never been a consequence for Ronaldo.

Rashford and Greenwood are different. The more these two stars play, the more clearly they show that they have psychological problems when they don’t score. The more they kicked, the more determined they both wanted to express themselves. The more they wanted to show off, the more Rashford and Greenwood lost themselves. This vicious cycle never ends and continues to push both of them to the bottom of disappointment and bad attitude.

The British press said that Ronaldo had direct criticisms at young men. But the situation did not change when this group of players refused to obey and show their attitude on the pitch.

“All must have the right attitude. This system only wins when it has that,” Ronaldo emphasized. The British press also asserted that CR7 understood the problem that made MU difficult, but could not say it because to avoid internal conflicts.

Generation difference

Ronaldo was also a young player like Rashford or Greenwood. However, Ronaldo’s attitude that day before seniors like Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville… all left positive signals.

Ronaldo suffered a lot of criticism from the seniors, but knew how to absorb and rise. If looking back at his whole career, CR7 is someone who rarely has conflicts with teammates. Everywhere, the Portuguese superstar is trusted and trusted.

Greenwood is said to have a conflict with Ronaldo. Photo: Reuters .

Greenwood is said to have a conflict with Ronaldo. Photo: Reuters .

The biggest problem in Ronaldo’s career was before Ruud van Nistelrooy at MU. The Dutch striker recognizes that Ronaldo is getting better and better and can take his place, so he is aggressive with his juniors. This conflict was finally resolved when Sir Alex Ferguson pushed Van Nistelrooy out of Old Trafford.

At Real Madrid, Ronaldo is said to have a conflict with Iker Casillas. However, this only came when the ex-wife of the Spanish goalkeeper blatantly went on television to smear CR7. In other words, Ronaldo has never provoked conflicts with teammates.

According to the generational lens, Ronaldo’s criticism, absorption, self-improvement and rise to the top are the great characteristics of the people of the previous generation (Gen Y – millennials).

Rashford, Greenwood belong to the next generation after Ronaldo and are considered to have a big ego when exposed to technology from a young age. This generation works for themselves more and often has conflicts with the previous generation because of differences in thinking. Greenwood or Rashford is in this generation and is having problems with Ronaldo, the symbol of the previous generation from his background to his journey to the top.

In football, there are players of the same generation as Greenwood and Rashford who have a forward thinking, accept criticism to rise up like the seniors. However, this number is not much.

The conflict Ronaldo is having at MU with his younger teammates can be seen as a typical conflict in not only football but also life.

Who is right in this “war”? Maybe it’s Ronaldo. Over the years, the attacking stars who have played with Ronaldo have improved, from Marco Asensio to Federico Chiesa. If Rashford and Greenwood have problems, it’s more likely their fault.

Unlike Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo does not criticize juniors to protect his position and satisfy his ego, Rashford and Greenwood should understand this. The talent of Rashford and Greenwood has been acknowledged, what these stars need is the right mindset to rise to the top. To have that, both should listen to Ronaldo.