Returning to the old roof, Mourinho received an unexpected reaction from Inter Milan fans

09 Feb 2022 | 07:55 | Football

 Coach Jose Mourinho had a memorable experience when he returned to his old home Giussepe Mezza this morning.

This morning, Jose Mourinho’s Roma had an extremely difficult trip to Inter Milan’s Giussepe Mezza stadium. It was Edin Dzeko who opened the scoring early for the hosts in the sixth minute, before Alexis Sanchez closed out a gentle 2-0 win for Inter in the 68th minute with a shot from 25 yards.
Returning to the old roof, Mourinho received an unexpected reaction from the fans - Football

 Mourinho thanked the sincere heart that Inter NHM gave him.

It was an emotional night for Jose Mourinho when he had the opportunity to return to his old home, Giussepe Mezza. From the first minutes, the fans sang the name of the Portuguese strategist and launched a banner: “Welcome home Jose”.

“The way they welcomed me here, the directors gave me a beautiful gift and then the fans were so nice to me, this is the emotional side. I can only say thank you. I will never hid his eternal relationship with Inter,” Mourinho told Mediaset (reported by ESPN).

“But I came here to win, for Roma and my guys, and we didn’t do it, except for the first five minutes, we played very well,” concluded Mourinho.

Statistics show that it has been 4,293 days after Mourinho’s last game in charge of Inter at Giussepe Mezza (since May 2010).

Meanwhile, coach Simone Inzaghi also gave words of great respect to the opponent. He said: “Roma has quality and a great squad, but we deserve to be in the semi-finals, knowing we are facing a big obstacle. To hold a match like this in two and a half days It’s not an easy thing.”