Overhauling the first team, MU purged 5 gods

22 Mar 2022 | 10:47 | Football

 Fichajes revealed that Man Utd will have a large-scale restructuring of the squad, and they have planned to purge 5 gods.

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5. Harry Maguire

After all, the former Leicester City star could not prove he was worth the £80m price Man Utd spent. Maguire’s form has declined miserably this season. He could not become a reliable fulcrum for his teammates technically, let alone mentally.
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 Maguire is full of disappointment.

Therefore, the Red Devils have put Maguire on the list to liquidate. They see Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger and Borussia Dortmund’s Manuel Akanji as alternatives to the Three Lions player.

4. Edinson Cavani

The contribution of the Uruguayan striker this season is extremely limited. Cavani is often troubled with injuries and fitness. The former PSG star is 35 years old and will expire next summer, there is no reason for the Red Devils to continue to keep this player. Letting Cavani leave will also help the Old Trafford team significantly free up the club’s salary fund.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo


The future of CR7 is a huge question mark. Although Ronaldo has had 18 goals for Man Utd since the beginning of the season, he is considered a problem in the Red Devils’ play. At the age of 37, it is impossible to ask the Portuguese striker to move continuously to put pressure on the opponent’s defence.

After the 2021/22 season closes, Ralf Rangnick will take over as an advisor. Therefore, the Board of Directors of Man Utd must appoint a new captain with a philosophy similar to Rangnick. Ronaldo is therefore likely to leave, if the Red Devils pursue a modern football style.

2. Marcus Rashford
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Rashford is down. 

The future of the English striker becomes uncertain because of the disastrous decline in form. Rashford has not been used by Rangnick in recent times. No. 10’s contract expires in 2023. If the new coach does not intend to use Rashford, the BLD Man Utd is forced to plan to sell the 24-year-old striker next summer to avoid losing everything.

1. David de Gea

De Gea’s appearance on this list is somewhat surprising, because the Spaniard is the most stable name in the Man Utd squad this season. However, De Gea’s limitation is his ability to play on foot, which is also the reason why he was not called up by La Roja this time.

If the new captain wants to use a modern goalkeeper, playing with his feet well, Dean Henderson will be used. Letting a star earn up to £375,000/week like De Gea on the bench is a waste.