Man Utd’s new boss continues to correct Woodward’s mistakes

11 Mar 2022 | 10:47 | Football

 BLD Man Utd is still gradually overcoming the mistakes of his predecessor Ed Woodward after nearly two decades of “reigning”.

Ten Hag’s Revolution at Ajax

Ed Woodward left the club in early February, after nearly two decades with the Red Devils. In the past 9 years, Man Utd could not win the Premier League even though Woodward and his colleagues poured a mountain of money into the transfer market.

What people “blame” Woodward in the past time is pushing the club’s salary fund to swell too much and buy too many low-quality players at high prices, so that the BLD cannot quickly liquidate. 
The new boss of Man Utd continues to correct Woodward's mistakes - Football

 Richard Arnold is correcting Woodward.

241 million pounds, which is a staggering number if the Red Devils push all the excesses out of the team in the next summer, according to The Sun’s statistics. In which, the person with the highest transfer value is Marcus Rashford with £ 77 million. And young talent Tahith Chong also brought Man Utd at least 4 million pounds. 

The problem is with the current poor performance, how can Man Utd liquidate all the players who are not in Ralf Rangnick’s plan. Players like Anthony Martial, Donny van de Beek are on loan (with no option to buy permanently) will certainly return to the club after June. And it is difficult to know if the next new manager of the Red Devils will take advantage of these players. this person or not. 
The new boss of Man Utd continues to correct Woodward's mistakes - Football

 Expected amount if Man Utd sells 11 players.

In general, Woodward’s mistake is not being consistent in any direction or coach. He constantly poured money into the coaches, so that the latter had to deal with the “remnants” of the former. Like Real Madrid, for example, they can change blood in many positions, but in the end, the midfield trio is still Kroos, Casemiro and Modric. At Man Utd, there is no such thing as “core values”. 
The new boss of Man Utd continues to correct Woodward's mistakes - Football

 Ten Hag is being contacted by Man Utd.

Anyway, the “liquidation of inventory” is a must to help Man Utd stand up to the pressure of financial fairness. In addition to the players being sold, Man Utd also has many people whose contracts are due to expire in June. Edinson Cavani, Jesse Lingard, Paul Pogba and Juan Mata are those expected to leave on a free transfer.

In short, newly appointed CEO Richard Arnold is trying to “plug the holes” that Woodward created while in office. Maybe, in just one summer, Arnold won’t be able to get rid of all the extras. But every revolution needs a beginning. Will it start with Rashford and be energized by the appointment of Erik Ten Hag?