“I wouldn’t trade Odegaard for Fernandes. He’s perfect.”

26 Mar 2022 | 11:01 | Football

 There is an opinion that Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United is not as excellent as Martin Odegaard of the Emirates Stadium team.

Martin Odegaard on signing for Arsenal

Norwegian international Odegaard has had an impressive season with the Gunners. He scored 5 goals and provided 3 assists in the Premier League to help Arsenal secure a place in the Top 4.

Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes, 27, has scored 35 goals and provided 25 assists in 78 Premier League games since joining Man Utd from Sporting Lisbon in 2020.
Man Utd’s Bruno Fernandes wouldn’t replace ‘perfect’ Martin Odegaard at Arsenal, claims ex-England striker Darren Bent - Bóng Đá

 Odegaard is rated higher than Fernandes.

However, former striker Darren Bent expressed admiration for Odegaard and claimed midfielder Fernandes will not be able to replace the 23-year-old at Arsenal.

Specifically, Bent said: “Of course, Fernandes is a very good player for Manchester United, but I am still waiting for him to appear when the team really needs him in the big games.

Right now, I’d rather have Odegaard in the squad given the way Arsenal are playing. I will choose Odegaard for the role of leading Arsenal’s play. He’s perfect for what Arsenal are doing. I wouldn’t trade him for Fernandes.”

Earlier, former player Paul Merson also affirmed: ” Odegaard has proven me wrong and is becoming the leader to help Arsenal pass their most difficult test.

He’s a key player and he’s doing his job well. Odegaard is one of the best players in the Premier League right now.”