Coach Park: ‘Vietnam team has nothing to fear from Oman’

23 Mar 2022 | 10:23 | Football

Park Hang-seo believes that the Vietnamese team will play well in the second leg against Oman in Group B of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia.

The first leg against Oman, we lost 1-3. In terms of team strength, they are better, but we are not afraid. Oman is not an opponent that we have to worry too much. I am only worried about the situation of the team. Many players are absent for a long time such as Van Lam, Van Toan and many short-term cases.

The team currently has 8 players infected with Covid-19 and isolated. Their absence is overwhelming. I don’t know if the substitutes can fill the absent group, but I expect them to perform well to create competition. Compared to the key group, young people are less experienced, don’t know how they will play,” coach Park said at a press conference at noon on March 23.
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 Coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students set the goal of winning when they played against Oman at My Dinh Stadium.

Coach Park Hang-seo and goalkeeper Tran Nguyen Manh attended the pre-match press conference. The Vietnamese team is in good spirits after the victory over China, but has to face many difficulties and has some Covid-19 cases.

“The situation of the Vietnamese team is currently not good because of injuries and Covid-19 cases. This affects the strength of the team. We plan to gather about 10-12 days in advance. However, due to the epidemic. sick, a club has to make up for it, so the players are late,” said Mr. Park Hang-seo.


“This situation has caused many problems for the team. After 7 defeats, we have our first victory in the third qualifying round of the World Cup. We have 2 matches left against Oman and Japan. We will work hard. Although we don’t know what the outcome will be ,” Coach Park said.

The Vietnamese team currently has 8 players with Covid-19 and isolated, so the U23 players are reluctantly called to replace but it is difficult for them to play. On the afternoon of March 23, the Vietnamese team will have the final training session and depending on the performance of the players, Mr. Park and the coaching staff will make the final decision.

“In the first leg, we lost to Oman in the corner situations. I understand their kicking style and prepare, have options. The players are well aware and have a way to overcome that” , the coach Park said.

“As a coach, no matter what rank, whoever the opponent is, big or small, work is always stressful and worried. We play at home and the fans really want to win. The team situation is not good, I don’t know the results tomorrow, but we will prepare, focus, show our best image and make our best efforts,” the Korean captain affirmed.

A 3-1 victory over China gives Vietnam confidence before the last two matches against Oman and Japan.