China is disillusioned with the World Cup: Bad kick for these 2 reasons

31 Jan 2022 | 08:44 | Football

Not only disillusioned with the 2022 World Cup, Chinese football also hit the bottom and domestic people pointed out two reasons and worries about the future.

Two reasons why China failed

After the Vietnam team, it is likely that China will also officially be excluded from the race to win tickets for the 2022 World Cup on the evening of February 1.

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 Chinese football failed because of two bad habits

Hope of a play-off ticket with China only exists in theory, even if they can win all the remaining 3 matches.

As long as Australia wins 1 point in the last 3 rounds, all hopes of the team will officially end.

“We basically said goodbye to Qatar,” commented media star Ji Yuyang.

In a separate program, journalist Ji Yuyang explained for the home team’s defeat there were two main reasons.

Ji Yuyang very frankly emphasized that Chinese football has no shortage of people, money, love and care, but  “should not get caught in two bad habits: one is hasty, the other is demanding immediate success”.

“Two hot habits and quick success are the most taboo things in football,” analyzed Ji Yuyang. “These two habits cancel all our other advantages.

These two things are exactly the taboos to be successful in football. Therefore, the requirement must first avoid these problems.

In the past 20 years, in the so-called professionalization, these two habits have accompanied Chinese football, whether it is the Football Association, the clubs, all aspects of football.”

Future danger

Journalist Ji Yuyang gives a view that Chinese football has bottomed.

There used to be big corporations investing in Chinese football, top coaches appeared, the national team was led by an elite captain, conquered the AFC Champions League, but all that is in the past.

“At this moment, Chinese football has really hit the bottom,” said Ji Yuyang’s opinion.

“For the past 20 years, football matches have been competitions with many opponents from many regions. But China’s biggest opponent has always been ourselves.”

In Ji’s opinion, Chinese football needs a reasonable new route, especially development and success from the youth level.

“We have to start over, especially to win the right to return to the world youth championships.”

Of course, to return, Chinese football must change the two habits mentioned above.

“If we can’t overcome these two habits, even if Chinese football spends more money and more time, we may still be at the same place, even at risk of going backward faster.”