Barca faces a ‘great challenge’ in the Europa League

31 Dec 2021 | 05:56 | Football

The C2 Cup, also known as the UEFA Europa League, has completed the play-off draw procedure. This year’s European Cup second-tier tournament promises to be extremely attractive when a series of big men in C1 suddenly had to stop in the group stage like Dortmund or Barcelona,…

However, another surprise has just come to coach Xavi’s army when they will have to clash with the team that is said to be the “fierce god” of this year’s C2 tournament, Napoli. Obviously with the current situation, this will be a very difficult result for Barca and it is possible that the Catalan team will continue to be eliminated from the European Cup this year.

This year’s UEFA Europa League used the play-off format for the first time to select the team to the round of 16. The top teams in the group will directly enter the 1/8 round of the tournament. Meanwhile, 16 teams including 8 second-placed teams and 8 third-placed teams relegated from the Champions League will face off directly to choose the next 8 teams.